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  Canis Canem Edit/Bully - Ps2

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PostSubject: Canis Canem Edit/Bully - Ps2    Wed Dec 29, 2010 3:02 pm

[SIZE="5"]Canis Canem Edit[/SIZE]


So, this game took away many days of my life. It has to be one of the best sandbox games out there. Riding a bike around a school campus, watching in delight as somebody trips over your marbles ... Running away from pre-fects. It is like every boys dream (or girl, of course) who never had the guts. You will instantly fall in love with this game, and even though once you complete it, you will still have something to keep you coming back. Be it... collecting rubber bands, or doing a paper round, whatever you do, I can guarantee you this one thing, you will have a smile on your face throughout the whole game.

The school environment is a great one. My favourite place is hiding in a tree at the football pitch and shooting the jocks. I don't think any video game school character has ever scared me so much – (Especially getting chased). This game is an absolute classic and deserves to be up there with the greats, and now, without further introduction – My insight of Canis Canem Edit!


This is probably one of the greatest game environments to grace the Earth. You go to a school named Bullworth Academy, which is a boarding school, which,, as the name suggests, is not a very nice place to be educated. It is full of teachers who are, in some cases, as bad as (if not worse) the children who attend the school. The school is a very detailed place, like a cafeteria, a receptionists office and a lot more things you would find in a school. Walking all the way around the school isn't as draining as it would be in real life, physically and mentally, as every step you take will be differen t... New scenery, a new person to bomb with a foul smell, and my personal favourite, making them itch. I could go all day just not doing the story mode, and just walking around pranking people. You could be Dennis the Menace for a day, weeks, months, just pranking people. It is that fun. It wouldn't even matter if you didn't like the story mode; there is so much to do, collecting rubber bands and gnomes may get tedious after a while, but it is worth it in the end. Also, attending classes.

The classes really bring out the school side of the game, and it does a great job. We all know school is boring, and lessons are even worse, but in this game, it makes them seem fun. We all know a game makes everything seem good, but still, the lessons are great. My only downside for this game is it is possible to beat up a teacher, but actually THE HARDEST THING TO DO! I don't know if it is just me, or... Well, I don't know. Have you ever had your head flushed down a toilet? I haven't. Have you ever wished to see it? I have. You can do that in the game. You can even get pushed in a bin, if you lose the fight, but of course, you can push them back in. As in any school, you have cliques, like the greasers, preps, cheerleaders, nerds and the jocks etc.. So there are quite a few. This is enough of an about – Lets get to the real reviewing, shall we? By the way, not reading this review in full will result in a detention.


Like every good school they teach you things, but this isn't a good school, is it? They only teach you the glorious art of button timing. They also send prefects out looking for you, for being truant, and they wrestle you. It is either knock them out, then run for the whole lesson. Or get a bike and ride around the town, but then you could always get arrested by the police. So basically, it is quite realistic... These are the classes! English, your next!

English: English is pretty easy if you know basic words. Like muse, or dog. If you don't, I recommend that game for DS with books in. Basically the game gives you some letters, and you make words out of them. They then rate you out of a percentage, and if you passed or not. It is basically find words and mash them in as fast as possible. The later levels do get harder, but not seriously hard. All in all, a good class, but a bit boring.

Science: This class is like... dancing on Olympic Games. You just push the corresponding buttons when it goes into the “zone”. It is quite boring and easy, but every time you make a mistake you can hear the teacher grilling you. That is quite a good aspect to the game. I quite liked Science, might be due to the simplicity, or maybe it is because I am not the greatest at Science in real life, so I just like to be good at it... It is a really easy subject, and as a lot of people know, no challenge is really boring.

Art: I never really liked this subject – for good reason. Basically, it is pointless. You draw boxes and try to uncover the picture, whilst avoiding things. However, it is full of good rewards. Complete art class 1-4 and you will get a 100% health bonus – Kaching! However - class 5 brings a worse reward – being able to kiss girls without giving them gifts – I mean, it is a money saver, but I didn't seem to do a lot of it. My view of art is – 2/5. It has good rewards but is boring and tedious.

Gym: Ahh... At last. We come to my favourite – Dodgeball. It is basically dodge the ball and smash them with it. Hitting a jock in the face always brings a smile to my face. It is glorious. You face each clique in a game of dodge, obviously each clique getting harder each class. It is really simple, but is still fun.

Shop: Shop is basically, press a button or rotate the analog sticks for a set amount of time. It gets harder each time, sometimes frustration kicks in.

Photography: Photography is the worst subject in the game... For many reasons –
1) Boredom kicks in from lesson 1 all the way up to finishing the subject.
2) You have to take pictures, some might like it – I however, don't...
3) Did I mention it is a waste of time?

Okay. So attending lessons can be boring, but is a part of the school experience, and you get an award for completing each lesson. If you want to be the trouble maker of the school, I recommend at truanting a lot, it is good fun. Beat up a pre-fect then hide in a bin. Or, just go for a bike ride round the school. It is a lot of fun. If you want to be the good boy, just truant for me, please! Once – You'll be hooked.


I spent many days searching for rubber bands, and smashing the gnomes scattered throughout the game world. They make take a while to find, but they have some good rewards for your hard work. So, you can collect rubber bands, and you can smash gnomes, but what else can you find? Grottos and Gremlins cards, six radio transistors to find, and believe it or not, clothing is actually considered a collectible.

[SIZE="3"]The Rewards:[/SIZE]

There are a lot of rewards for doing various things, but I will only list the main ones.

For buying all the clothing you get – A golden suit!

For collecting all the G&G cards you get – The Grotto Master clothing

For collecting the rubber bands you get – A rubber band ball – (it is my favourite)

For smashing gnomes you get – A gnome suit... Who would have guessed?

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


All in all, it is a good game. It has its downfalls, but most games do.


+ A great environment
+ A real school experience
+ Funny pranking people


+ Classes are boring
+ A lot of collectibles, which have good rewards, but tedious collecting them
+ Police can catch you truanting if you want to go on a joy ride

I will give this game a…

[SIZE="4"]Gamerscore[/SIZE] - [SIZE="4"]8/10[/SIZE]

[SIZE="3"]Written by[/SIZE] - Jedclark

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Canis Canem Edit/Bully - Ps2
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